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Free Balochistan Movement is a political movement which is struggling to establish an independent Balochistan. Balochistan means land of Baloch people. Balochistan was an independent and free country for centuries. It was occupied by newly created Pakistan state after world war two. Since then people of Balochistan are struggling to regain their independence.

Press releases

China has stationed its People’s Liberation Army in the Gwadar area and...

London, United Kingdom: The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) has organised a week-long sit-in protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in London... read more

04.10.2016 • By Free Balochistan Movement

中国は人民解放軍をグワーダルに駐留させ、港を軍事目的で永久使用したいと考えていると、Hyrbyair Marriが語る

イギリス、ロンドン: バローチスターン解放運動 (FBM)... read more

04.10.2016 • By Free Balochistan Movement